About Us


Thoughts are sacred, much sacred are thoughts that seek to promote and appreciate mankind. It is with a mindset filled with love for humanity, that birthed the Yoruba Heritage Awards (YHA).

The award is Iconic, widely desired and highly indelible with the purpose to identify, acknowledge, recognize and honour both Yoruba and Non-Yoruba Sons and Daughters for their remarkable efforts and contribution to the growth and development of our society –Nigerian resident and Diaspora.

Awards History

The Yoruba Heritage Awards is a yearly International award that was birthed in the mind of Mr. Adegoke Adekonye (aka GOKE) in 2006, Mr. Adegoke Adekonye, being an humanitarian and lover of culture, nurtured this dream passionately, founded and organized the first award in 2008-London; but like every new and genuine dream, The Yoruba Heritage Awards got its first major breakthrough in 2010 when it was endorsed by BBC Africa in London, United Kingdom and has since been hosted in various countries of the world till date.

The Awards is the first of its kind, honoring and promoting Sons and Daughters of Yoruba and Non-Yoruba who, at one time or the other have and are promoting Nigeria Community and Diaspora.

We now have BBC certification to cover all our events and broadcast it over the media.

The awards helps to re-enact the strength of Yoruba Tradition, Culture, Folklore, Ethics, Norms, Food, Hairstyle, Dress Code, and as a result, strengthen the Spirit of Unity amongst us.

Hosting this award internationally has helped Yoruba Sons and Daughters in Diaspora to further appreciate their root, and also made lovers of the tribe and culture know and experience the uniqueness of this wonderful race.

It helps humanity appreciate the Yoruba Culture in its entirety.